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Tooth Extraction
Portland, OR

Woman with face mask holding up a single tooth at Uptown Family Dental in Portland, ORAn extraction of a tooth takes place when a tooth is removed by the dentist. The reasons for an extraction are vast and can involve crowding of teeth, trauma, or disease. Most of the time, the extraction is an effortless procedure that is quick and painless.

In our Uptown Family Dental office, an anesthetic will be injected locally to ensure a painless experience. However, if the extraction is complicated, then a surgical removal may be needed. An extraction can occur in two different ways, either as a surgical or simple extraction.

The Simple Extraction

With the simple extraction, the dentist will be able to see the tooth that needs to be extracted. The tooth is easily grasped so that the roots can be completely removed. The simple extraction is not a surgical procedure and is considered to be routine in nature.

As a simple extraction is underway, the tooth is loosened by the dentist using an elevator tool. Forceps will then be used to have the tooth removed. When forceps are used to extract a tooth, there will be a little pressure that helps to alleviate the force used to remove the tooth.

The Surgical Extraction

Having a surgical extraction is a lot more involved for the patient and dentist. Usually, the surgical procedure will surround the removal of a broken tooth or a tooth that has grown crooked.

The dentist performing the surgical extraction will likely be an oral surgeon, however, a general dentist can also conduct them. As an extraction begins, an incision is made to make the extraction more simple. If necessary, the tooth may be extracted in two pieces.

Caring For The Extraction

Following the extraction, you need to be able to take good care of the extraction site so that it can heal. You will obtain important guidance regarding care and should take it easy by resting. You should also not do any lifting or strenuous movements.

Ensure that the food you eat is cold and that your mouth feels ready to have normal warm food again. You also should not tamper with the extraction site with your tongue. If you do, you could dislodge the clot.

Ensure that you sustain from smoking for a minimum of two days following the extraction. The tar and nicotine may prevent a clot from forming. Without a clot, the mouth will not heal properly.

A day after your extraction, rinsing it may be permitted using saltwater. Make sure it is not too salty and use only a half teaspoon. When there is bleeding and swelling, it will normally end in a couple of days.

No matter which extraction type you receive, they both will be taken care of by the team at Uptown Family Dental . To get an extraction scheduled, give us a call at (971) 417-2135 today.

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No matter which extraction type you receive, it will be taken care of by Uptown Family Dental in Portland. To get an extraction scheduled, give us a call today.
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