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Child putting toothpaste on a toothbrush at Uptown Family Dental in Portland, ORChildren can have dental problems. A few examples of this include decay, sucking on a thumb/fingers, thrusting of the tongue, sucking on the lip, and even the loss of teeth. However, when you get a hold of Uptown Family Dental, we will be able to educate you and your child about the risks of these situations and the ways to prevent them.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay can be caused by the sugars in drinks. This will also be true for times when a baby has unswallowed milk. If this happens, the bacteria in the mouth will feed on any sugar present.

When tooth decay is not treated, the child may experience a significant amount of pain and may have a difficult time eating and chewing. Baby teeth are designed to prepare the permanent teeth for their proper placement. If damage is caused, the adult teeth may be compromised.

Thumb Sucking

It is common to see a child sucking on their thumb, fingers or a favorite object. While this offers security at the time, it can cause a myriad of dental problems down the road.

Of course, factors such as duration, frequency, and intensity will play a role in how the teeth become aligned and cause overbites or even protrusion. Plus, the child may also find it difficult to pronounce words. The child may also experience a misalignment of the jaw with a malformed roof of their mouth.

Thrusting Of The Tongue

When a child thrusts their tongue, it causes pressure to develop behind the teeth. This pressure causes a misalignment and they eventually could become protruded and the child could develop an overbite.

When tongue thrusting is occurring, it is best to see a dental professional. A plan can then be developed to assist your child in strengthening the muscles that chew. This way your child will be able to swallow with more ease.

Sucking On the Lip

Sucking on the lip is caused by a child having either an upper or lower lip between their teeth. This may happen naturally or along with them sucking on their thumb. When this happens, it could cause an overbite.

The Loss Of Teeth

When a child experiences the loss of teeth, the cause will likely be from decay, a decrease in space, or some type of injury. If a tooth loss occurs prior to the placement of the permanent teeth, then a shift can occur. If a shift occurs, the amount of space may make it difficult for a tooth to come out correctly. Sports-related injuries can help be prevented with a sportsguard.

Teeth that are misaligned or crooked may cause many dental issues including TMJ disorders or issues with chewing. When premature tooth loss occurs, space maintainers may be prescribed by the dentist. Having a space maintainer will help the permanent teeth emerge properly.

When you get a hold of Uptown Family Dental, we will ensure that your child has the best possible solutions to help prevent the above conditions. We will ensure that you have the best information and methods to help prevent your child from damaging their teeth prematurely. To learn more, give us a call at (971) 417-2135 today!

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Uptown Family Dental in Portland, OR ensures that your child has the best possible solutions to prevent dental problems. To learn more, give us a call today!
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