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Dental Crown
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Diagram of dental crowns with varying placement at Uptown Family Dental in Portland, ORHaving a dental crown remains a very popular option for many who seek a restorative treatment option. The main purpose of a crown is to enhance a tooth’s cosmetic appearance and are able to last for years if they are taken care of. When you get in touch with Uptown Family Dental we will provide you with a great way to fight decay and prevent further tooth damage.

Not much Time Is Needed For Crown Placement

A fact that may be surprising is that the crown’s placement does not require much time. In fact, a crown only needs two separate dental visits. When you have the initial visit, your tooth will be examined, impressions will be made, and the tooth is prepared.

After the initial visit, you will return at a predetermined time to have the crown fitted. After the fitting, any adjustments will be made. Once adjustments have been made, the fit will be determined so that it is considered proper.

Many Materials Can Be Used

If you have ever seen a person with a tooth having gold or silver in it, then it was most likely a crown. This is because a crown can be made from a variety of materials such as gold, silver, or even porcelain.

When porcelain is used, your tooth will achieve a more natural appearance. While other types of porcelain can be fused to a tooth and will not provide a natural appearance. These porcelain crowns will not look natural because the metal involved with them is not able to be fully hidden.

Extractions Can Be Prevented

When one has tooth decay or other issues, one may think that a tooth must be extracted. However, your dentist will be able to save the tooth with a crown as long as enough tooth remains. When a tooth is saved with a crown, it will be able to continue to provide a normal bite as before.

Insurance Will Likely Cover The Crown

You will be happy to know that a crown will likely be covered by your insurance provider. This will alleviate a lot of stress when it comes to the cost you will be paying. This will be especially true when the insurance is willing to pay at least half of it.

The Crown Is The Finishing Touch To A Root Canal

When you get a root canal completed at Uptown Family Dental, you can expect that a crown may be the next step toward preventing further damage to the tooth. When the pulp is extracted, it can cause the tooth to become weak. With a crown, it is able to strengthen the tooth and prevent damage.

With that said and if you have a root canal that needs attention, then you should get a hold of us by calling (971) 417-2135 today. We will examine your root canal closely and determine if a crown is a good option for you. If it is, then you will be scheduled for your crown at your leisure.

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