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Dental Cleaning
Portland, OR

Man receiving dental cleaning from dental hygienist at Uptown Family Dental in Portland, ORHygeinists typically perform oral cleanings. During your exam appointment, she will do an assessment of the oral cavity, use instruments to remove plaque and tartar buildup, and polish and floss teeth. Even with regular flossing and brushing, it is difficult to remove all plaque and tartar buildup. If it is thoroughly removed by a professional, it is easier to keep the oral cavity clear of potentially harmful bacteria.

Having your teeth cleaned on a regular basis will help keep plaque at bay and help to prevent any oral decay. Sometimes patients have hard-to-reach areas in their oral cavity. A hygienist can assist in getting to those areas to make sure that they are tended to.

The Four Kinds of Teeth Cleanings

A wide variety of teeth cleanings are available from your dentist or dental hygienist. The specific cleaning that you will benefit from is determined by age and health. There are four common cleanings that your dental office will provide which are below.

It is important to see children within the first year of their life. Typically when teeth start to emerge, it is time to schedule an appointment to see us at Uptown Family Dental. Your child should have regular cleanings once they have reached the age of three, and then twice a year after that. The hygienist will focus on needs specific to the child as well as provide a comfortable experience which will help for future visits to a dental provider. Proper oral hygiene home care is emphasized with children so as to create good habits early.

A cleaning for adults is typically every six months. During this appointment, gum and oral tissue will be observed, teeth will be thoroughly cleaned and then polished. Communication regarding observations or patient concerns will be relayed to the Doctor as necessary.

A deep cleaning will involve both root planing and scaling if gum disease is present. The purpose of this cleaning is to ensure that the teeth, gums, and roots are clean. If sensitivity is present, then an anesthetic will be used to alleviate any pain.

The fourth type of teeth cleaning is known as periodontal maintenance. This cleaning is designed to alleviate the effects produced by periodontal disease.

As cleaning is underway, the tartar and plaque around the gum line will be eliminated. Removable tooth stains will be removed. If you choose, a whitening procedure may also be scheduled at this time.

We do our best to schedule appointments for future cleanings when our patient is still in the office. Time goes by quickly, and it is easy to get behind with your regular hygiene appointments. At Uptown Family Dental we will send out reminders if you do not have an appointment scheduled and you are due for an appointment. To schedule your cleaning, call (971) 417-2135 today.

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Uptown Family Dental sends out reminders if you don’t have an appointment scheduled and you are due for an appointment. To schedule your cleaning, call today.
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