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Dental Bonding
Portland, OR

Dentist working with dental polymerization lamp in oral cavity at Uptown Family Dental in Portland, ORDental bonding involves a cosmetic procedure that bonds the material to the teeth. The bonding is the same color as teeth, which makes it perfect for polishing, shaping, and hardening. The reason it is known as bonding is that material gets bonded to the teeth with it.

Ideally, the bonding is used for dentistry that is on a small scale. Examples include repairing teeth that are broken or have chips and eliminating space in between. If a small cavity is present, a bonding may be used by the professionals at Uptown Family Dental to fill it.

What Bonding Calls For

At your bonding appointment, the dentist will have an acid applied to the teeth in order for them to adhere to the bonding material. This will be a painless application. The bonding material will then be applied to the surface of the tooth. It will then be shaped in the form of the tooth and hardened by a light.

What Makes Bonding A Great Option

Your dentist will recommend bonding when you have dental issues that are minor and involve discoloration, gaps, and even cracks. If a bonding is used, it can even hide the silver material used in a filling so that the white is seen while smiling. A bonding may also be used to help in reshaping a tooth.

As opposed to a bleaching or veneer, bonding is not able to enhance the whiteness of your teeth. However, the bonding can be used as a white filling to fix a tiny cavity. This filling is only good if the tooth does not provide an extra force as you chew.

Maintaining Your Bonding

Due to staining and other issues occurring to a bonded tooth, the amount of care needed should be taken into account. To help, there are some things to keep in mind while maintaining your bonding. These things include decreasing the amount of staining liquid that you drink, eliminating smoking, and stopping any bad habits you may have such as nail-biting.

Besides the bad habits, you should also avoid raw vegetables that are hard, like carrots. You also should avoid ice, hard candy, or any other hard material that can affect the bonding. When you notice any sharpness on a tooth edge, you should be in contact with the dentist.

When you contact your dentist they will be able to decide if your bonding should be repaired or replaced. If a bonding is needing to be replaced, then they will schedule it or take care of it then and there. It is good to know that there is a lot of skill involved with bonding, so it is important that your dentist is experienced with bonding.

It must be understood that a bonding procedure may not be warranted for everybody. However, when you contact us here at Uptown Family Dental, we will make sure that it is as quick as possible. Give us a call at (971) 417-2135 to schedule your bonding.

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Dental Bonding | Uptown Family Dental | Portland, OR
When you contact us here at Uptown Family Dental, we will make sure that your dental bonding is as quick as possible. Give us a call to schedule today.
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